The Baron of Brackley

Inverey cam' doun Deeside, whistlin' and playin';
He was at brave Brackley's yates ere it was dawin'.         [gates; dawning

Says, 'Baron of Brackley, are ye within?
There's sharp swords at your yate will gar your blood spin.         [make; spill

Open the yate, Brackley, let us within,
Till on the green turf we gar your blood spin.'

The lady rase up, to the window she went;
She heard the kye lowin' o'er hill and o'er bent. [kine = cattle; scrubland

'O rise up, John,' she says, 'turn back your kye;
They're o'er the hills rinnin', they're skippin' awye!'        [running

'Come to bed, Peggie, and let the kye rin:
For were I to gang out, I'd never get in.         [go

For there is na gentlemen, nor yet pretty lads,
But a curn o' hired widdifu's, wears belted plaids.'
        [a hired gang fit to be hanged (widdie = noose made of withies; fu' = full)
        [who wear plaids (cloaks) because they don't have coats

Then she cry'd on her women, they quickly came ben:         [within
'Tak' up your rocks, lasses, and fight a' like men!

'Tho' I'm but a woman, to head you I'll try,
Nor let these vile Hielandmen steal a' our kye.'

Then up gat the Baron and cry'd for his graith;        [harness = arms
Says, 'Lady, I'll gang, tho' to leave you I'm laith.

'Come kiss me, my Peggie, and get me my gun;
For I well may gang out, but I'll never win in.'

When the Baron of Brackley he rade thro' the close,         [rode
A gallanter gentleman ne'er mounted horse.

Tho' there cam' in with Inverey thirty and three,
There was nane wi' bold Brackley but his brither and he.         [none

Twa gallanter Gordons did never sword draw:
But against four and thirty, wae's me, what was twa?        [woe

Wi' swords and wi' daggers they did him surround,
And they've pierced the bold Brackley wi' mony a wound.

Frae the head o' the Dee to the banks o' the Spey         [from
The Gordons may mourn him and ban Inverey.        [curse

'O cam' ye in by Brackley, and was ye in there?
Or saw ye his Peggy dear riving her hair?' --        [tearing

O I cam' by Brackley, and I was in there,
But I saw-na his Peggy dear riving her hair.' --

'O fye on ye, ladye! how could ye do sae?
You open'd your yate to the fause Inverey.'        [false

She ate wi' him, drank wi' him, welcomed him in;
She's welcomed the villain that slew her Baròn.

She kept him till morning, syne bade him be gane,        [then
And show'd him the road that he wouldna be ta'en.        [captured

'Thro' Bires and Aboyne,' she says, 'lyin' in a tour
O'er the hills o' Glentanor ye'll skip in an hour.'

There is dule in the kitchen, and mirth in the ha',        [grief; hall
For the Baron of Brackley is dead and awa'.

But and up spak' the babe on his nourice's knee --         [nurse's
'Gin I live to be man, it's revenged I will be.'        [if

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