A personal collection

Wood engraving by Thomas Bewick, greatly enlarged

I have collected these ballads over the years. They are published here mostly because I love them. A few are included for historical reasons, such as the two rather routine ballads from the Robin Hood cycle, and the nasty blood libel Hugh of Lincoln. The Strange Visitor is not properly a ballad, but is too good to omit.

               Abduction by fairies
               Thomas the Rhymer
               Tam Lin
               King Orfeo

               Unfortunate encounters
               The Daemon Lover
               The Maid and the Palmer
               The Strange Visitor

               The Lord of Lorn
               Hynd Horn
               Sir Patrick Spens
               A Lyke-Wake Dirge

               Married couples
               The Old Cloak
               Get Up and Bar the Door

               Jamie Douglas
               Lament of Barbara, Marchioness of Douglas
               The Queen's Marie
               Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard
               Matty Groves
               Katharine Johnstone
               Prince Robert
               Lady Isabel and the Elf-Knight

               Edward, Edward
               Hugh of Lincoln

               Clerk Saunders
               The Unquiet Grave

               The Three Ravens
               The Twa Corbies

               The Baron of Brackley
               Kinmont Willie
               Hughie the Graeme
               MacPherson's Lament

               Animal transformations
               The Great Silkie of Sule Skerrie
               Kemp Owyne
               The Laily Worm and the Machrel of the Sea
               Leesome Brand
               Earl Mar's Daughter

               The resourceful Willie
               Willie's Lyke-Wake
               Willy's Lady

               Robin Hood ballads
               Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne
               The Noble Fisherman or Robin Hood's Preferment

               Songs with authors
               Walsinghame, by Sir Walter Raleigh
               Jolly Good Ale and Old, by John Still, Bishop of Bath and Wells

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Ralph Hancock
18 June 2010